Central FL Branch to serve as Industry Partner for ASHE's E-Week Transportation Summit
Event Date
Feb 21, 2013
Registration Dates
Jan 28, 2013toFeb 14, 2013
OOCEA Board Room
4974 Orlando Tower Road, Orlando, FL 32807
APWA Central FL Branch will serve as an Industry Partner for ASHE’s E-Week Transportation Summit: “On the Road to Regionalism.” Other Partners are FES, ASCE and WTS. For this exciting program, we have partnered with MetroPlan Orlando and Team Florida to bring you a distinguished group of speakers and panelists who will discuss regional approaches to the following:
• Engaging the private sector
• Quality growth and regional development
• Legislative impacts on transportation and why we are in crisis
• Impact of regionalism on transportation funding
• Transportation’s impact on economic development and quality of life

Speakers include:
• Moderator: Shelly Lauten, Former President, My Region
• Dr. Catherine Ross, GA Tech Harry West Professor of City and Regional Planning; and Director, Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development
• Joe Milazzo, Executive Director, Raleigh-Durham Regional Transportation Alliance
• Commissioner Bob Dallari, MetroPlan Orlando Board’s Regional Transportation Funding Task Force
• Commissioner Leigh Matusick, Central Florida MPO Alliance Chair
• Wayne Rich, Chair, Team Florida
• Harry Barley, Executive Director, MetroPlan Orlando
Feb 21
7:30 AM
10:30 AM
ASHE's E-Week Transportation Summit: On the Road to Regionalism
Location: OOCEA Board Room @ 4974 Orlando Tower Road, Orlando, FL 32807
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